Please don’t ask the Tarot yes or no questions! These questions are ineffective and won’t return information that you can use. What are the alternatives? Read on!

Ask the Tarot

When you ask the Tarot a question you want some information back, something that will help guide your actions, perhaps actions that you can take to improve your chances of a satisfactory outcome. As I explained previously, the reader will help you craft a good question.

Why Yes and No Questions Aren’t Useful

Ask the TarotFirst of all, a simple yes or no question doesn’t give you any information why that answer came up. If you ask a question such as “Do they love me?” you are hoping for a yes answer, but what if it is no? What if the real answer is “not now, but you barely know each other?”, or maybe the extended answer is “Yes, but this is going to be a bad relationship for you.” Just knowing “Yes” doesn’t give you a clue as to how to proceed or if the relationship is a good one for you.

Second, a simple yes/no question doesn’t give you any actions to take. If the answer is “Yes” should you approach them now or play it cool? If it is “No”, is that a firm no? No forever? A different question might tell you “the potential is there, but you’re being told to wait, be patient and let things play out. They may need a sympathetic ear, so make yourself available.” Another answer might be “I’m not seeing any deep connection between you now, but I do see that you are attracted to each other and it looks like a fun relationship is developing, so go into it with that mindset and see what happens.”

Thirdly, yes/no questions assume the future is set in stone. when it is not! The future is constantly moving and changing and there are thousands of pieces that have to come together and one action by you, by your romantic interest, or by a third party can change things without notice. The yes or no you receive only applies to conditions at the time of your reading! By the time you’ve finished reading it, things may have already changed!

Finally, you are paying good money for a Tarot consultation – make the most of it! Do you really want to shell out your hard cash for a simple “No” response?

What Questions to Ask the Tarot

About half of my readings come in some form of yes/no question and I always assist the client in rephrasing. What you want to ask is an open-ended question, one that requires an actual answer and not just yes or no as a response. Here are some yes/no questions which I have rephrased:

Yes/No Question Open Ended Question
Is my romantic interest my twin flame? What do I need to know about the relationship between myself and my romantic interest?
Will I get the promotion? What can I do to make it likely that I will get this promotion?
Have I passed the exam? What options do I have if 1) I passed the exam and 2) I didn’t pass the exam?
Will I get married this year? How can I manifest the ideal relationship for myself this year?

Good questions to ask the Tarot generally begin with the “What”, “How”, or “Why”. 

Bad questions start with “Is”, “Will”, and “Have”.

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