Tarot cards are neutral and often very straightforward. There can be some leeway in a reading, some ambiguity, but most of the time the answer to your question is clear, whether positive or negative and it is up to you to decide what you will do with the information.

Don’t Blame the Reader

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As a Tarot consultant, I do hundreds of readings a year. I don’t like to give bad news! Trust me when I say I’d rather all of my readings were sunny and positive. Unfortunately, sunny and positive isn’t always where the growth happens.

Recently a client came to me for a reading and it was a pretty negative one. It suggested she might want to reconsider the situation she was in and evaluate whether it aligned with her values and long-term goals. I suggested a way she could turn the situation around without getting out of it; that solution would require a lot of work on her side, but it had the potential of salvaging things and also would provide her with a growth opportunity. But still, overall, I had the feeling things were not going to turn out the way she wanted.

I don’t sugarcoat the truth for my clients. I do try to help them figure out a way to avoid or remedy a situation, but if I’m seeing something negative, I’m going to tell you. Unfortunately in this instance, the client was very upset, became defensive, and lashed out at me. Her feedback was somewhat hurtful and I allowed myself to wallow overnight about it.

Now I understand her reaction to her Tarot reading. Look at my own reaction to her feedback! I’m working very hard to separate and manage my emotional reactions when I get critical feedback, but this time I still felt down. So to get a negative reading, especially when you are expecting a positive one that affirms what you feel can be upsetting. So what should you do?

Ask for More Options

First, ask the reader for more options. I reached out and asked her if she would like me to pull a few extra cards that might suggest additional options for her, but I never heard back. Pulling the Tarot cards anyway, but in this case, the cards just reaffirmed what I’d already suggested in turning the situation around.

Narrow Your Focus in Another Tarot Reading

Tarot ConsultantLook at the parts of the reading that you didn’t like and formulate a new reading around that particular issue. In this particular case, we could have looked at how she could improve her performance to get the desired result. If this were a relationship reading we could ask the Tarot how she could manage her own emotions around the issue at hand. For example, if this were a case of dishonesty in a relationship the client did not want to end yet, the question might be “How should I deal with this dishonesty and improve our relationship?”

Lashing Out at a Tarot Reading Isn’t Healthy

Tarot is a guide, not an oracle. It helps you clarify issues for you right now, points out decisions you need to make and options you may have, but nothing is set in stone! If you are upset by a reading, start by looking at why you are so upset? Were you looking for confirmation of your own beliefs? One of my first clients was upset when I told him it was unlikely his relationship could be repaired. It was clear from both the reading and what he told me later that his partner had already moved on. He very obviously wanted me to tell him that their marriage was not over and his partner would return. Over the course of a week, he hounded me to change the reading until I finally had to cut him off.  This obviously pointed to him being in an unhealthy place mentally, which I sympathize with, but a Tarot reading isn’t going to solve.

Ignore It

If you didn’t like the reading and really feel it didn’t resonate with you, just ignore it! We all have off days! I had a reading when I was first starting out that suggested I wouldn’t succeed as a Tarot reader. I saved the reading to look at in the future and just moved on with my life. At some point, I’ll take another look and compare it to what happened. I have a feeling that I might have naturally turned the cards by working on the specific areas I didn’t like. At any rate, I just put it out of my mind and forged ahead.

As I said before, Tarot is a guide, not an oracle. If something feels wrong to you, put the reading away and look at it down the road. I suggest at least 2-3 months if not longer. You may be surprised at how accurate it was. If so, please send a note to your reader – s/he would love to know that!



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