The Hermit Inspired Artwork

The Hermit by MonaCreativeStudio, Etsy

Tarot inspired artwork is filling up my downloads and wishlists these days, While the thousands of different Tarot decks are pieces of art unto themselves, here I look at other art pieces either inspired by individual Tarot cards or by entire readings. For example, this really incredible piece by Mona Creative Studio on Etsy. I’m not much of an art critic – I just like what I like, usually because it affects me emotionally. This piece just feels right for the Hermit card.

Strength Tarot

Strength by HerStoriesShop, Etsy

Or this sculpture inspired by the Strength card. The expression on the woman’s face is just wonderful. As a side note, I think that if I were going to be in a Strength card it would be me controlling a large spider. I’m terrified of spiders, so a card showing me managing a large spider might help me with that!

Speaking of Tarot inspired artwork, have you seen these gorgeous and imaginative Tarot cards painted by Salvadore Dali? I covet this deck, which published in 1984 as a limited edition. Vice has an article about an artist who uses collage, poetry, and sculpture in her interpretations of the tarot.

This would be an excellent exercise for anyone wanting to explore Tarot further. Draw a card at random and use your favorite art medium, collage, watercolor, whatever, to create a Tarot inspired artwork. If you journal, this works as a journal exercise as well. Really dig deep into your own intuition and feelings about the card. Pick colors to evoke those feelings.

I’d love to see what inspired artwork you come up with!





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