Code of Ethics

Honesty and integrity are of the highest priority in my readings. I will always tell you truthfully what I see. My style is very straightforward and somewhat blunt and I will interpret the cards with as much impartial objectivity as I can. I will also offer whatever wisdom, life experience, and intuitive insight I can to help make the reading clearer to you.

Readings for minors or young people

I do not perform readings for minors under the age of 18.


I do not perform readings for those I feel are impaired for any reason.
I retain the right to refuse any reading for any reason.

Reading for third parties (e.g. Is my husband cheating on me? Will my sister fall pregnant?)

I find that most third-party readings, i.e. readings done for a person who is someone other than the person asking the question, don’t really provide any actionable results with Tarot. I prefer to reframe such questions to give the client choices or steps they can take to resolve the situation.  I will decline to give any reading which may violate my personal ethics.
How can my sister find a husband?
How can I support my sister in finding a husband?
Is my husband having an affair?
What do I need to know about the state of my marriage?
Does XX love me?
What do I need to know about my relationship with XX?
Is XX my soulmate?
What do I need to know about my relationship with XX?

‘Taboo’ Topics (e.g. When will I die? What are the winning lottery numbers?)

I do not read on topics such as the lottery, predicting death, health, legal, or issues that are should be answered by a professional.

Health and wellness questions (e.g. Why am I in chronic pain? How can I deal with my depression?)

I do not read about issues of health and wellness, including mental health issues. These are better served by working with a trained professional.

Legal questions (e.g. Will I win the court case?)

I do not read for questions involving legal issues.

Prediction and telling the future (e.g. When will I meet my future husband? Will I get the job?)

I am not a fortune-teller. I do not believe that the future is inevitable, it has many moving parts and each person has the power to make the choices that create their own future.
I will help rephrase the question to make it more action-oriented. Any predictive elements to a reading are dependant upon the client’s own actions, as well as actions that are out of the client’s control. I take no responsibility for any predictive elements that either do or don’t come true.

Questions I typically have the client rephrase

My goal is to provide advice that can be acted upon. This can only be done through the correct question. I will assist the client in creating a question and spread that will provide actionable advice. Questions that will be reworded:
Questions that can be answered yes/no.
Questions that make assumptions “when will I find my twin flame” – this assumes you will find them.
Questions that don’t ask How, What, or Why.
Questions that ask Why will be reworded in order to get a more action-oriented response.

In what situations will I refer a client to someone else?

Medical, health, and legal issues.
Questions where the client wants just a yes or no answer.
Most predictive questions if the client will not rephrase.

My commitment regarding how I will treat my clients

I will serve the best interests of my clients, conducting my professional activities without causing or intending to cause harm.
I will treat all my clients with equal respect, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual preference.
I will take the time to explain the reading so that the client understands it.
I am committed to teaching clients how the Tarot works so they receive the maximum benefit from their reading.
I will respect my Customers’ right to refuse or terminate their reading at any time, regardless of prior consent.

Confidentiality of client information (e.g. contact details and actual readings)

Readings and contact information are kept encrypted in online software that is password protected with two-factor authentication.
I will keep confidential the names of Customers and all information shared or discussed during readings unless otherwise requested by the Customer or required by a court of law.
I may share general facts about a reading for educational or marketing purposes, but all identifying details will be removed.
I never discuss client readings in detail with anyone. If I decide a second opinion is needed for a reading, I will ask permission from the client first. In this case, only the first name (or pseudonym), the question, and the spread will be shared.


All fees will be clearly stated, agreed upon, and paid before beginning the reading.
For scheduled readings, cancellations, with a full refund, can be requested up to 24 hours before the reading is scheduled.
If at the time of a live reading, a client is not satisfied with the level of my knowledge, my ability to communicate the pertinent information of the cards, or otherwise dissatisfied with the way the session is conducted (not related to the actual content of the reading, which may or may not be objectively judged by the client), I will refund my fee or make other arrangements to the client’s satisfaction. For email readings, a refund can be requested any time up until I lay out the cards.
Once a session has ended I am not responsible for any outcomes; you, the client, are.
My mission is to help you find practical ways to imagine, manifest, and navigate a life path that leads to your Highest Self/Highest Purpose. Readings are collaborative with questions and discussion welcome, however, any decisions or actions you take based on my reading or advice are your own responsibility.

Emergency Readings

I understand that emergencies do occur however, I have obligations to all of my clients. If there is a waiting list, or I am booked up I will fit you into the next available spot. If you must have an immediate reading, contact me by email with your question and include in the subject “URGENT”. The fee for emergency readings is 10x the regular rate. A $35 reading will be $350, a $50 reading will be $500. The fee must be paid prior to the client receiving the reading and I will send an invoice. There are no refunds for emergency readings.