About Sophrosyne Tarot

My name is Diane and I founded Sophrosyne Tarot.  I’ve been reading cards for myself for many years, but had not considered doing it professionally until COVID-19 hit.  My work as a programmer tanked in March of 2020 and I looked around for another career which I could pursue from home.

I am in the process of becoming a certified Tarot Reader and am building an online business to help people enrich their lives.  I bring 30+ years of business knowledge, both as an entrepreneur and working as a Controller and HR Director for a medium-sized company. I find this experience assists my intuition in my readings.

My experience with Tarot is all about personal responsibility.  Just as I only get out of my business what I’m willing to put into it, I only get out of Tarot readings what I’m willing to put into it.  The same goes for my clients.  I can give you a reading, but it only going to be as effective as the time you’re going to put into any actionable suggestions I may make.

What is Sophrosyne?

Sophrosyne is a Greek term for the qualities of moderation, discretion, and prudence.  It manifests as a well-balanced person of excellent character and sound mind.  The opposite of sophrosyne is hubris or arrogance and excess.

This is a term I aspire to and the Fool’s Journey (the cards of the Major Tarot) illustrates how to achieve this sublime state.


The best way to contact me is by the form below or by email to readings@sophrosynetarot.com.

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