About Sophrosyne Tarot

My name is Diane and I founded Sophrosyne Tarot.  I’ve been reading cards for myself for many years but had not considered doing it professionally until COVID-19 hit.  My work as a programmer tanked in March of 2020 and I looked around for another career that I could pursue from home.

I am in the process of becoming a certified Tarot Reader and am building an online business to help people enrich their lives.  I bring 30+ years of business knowledge, both as an entrepreneur and working as a Controller and HR Director for a medium-sized company. I find this experience assists my intuition in my readings.

My experience with Tarot is all about personal responsibility.  Just as I only get out of my business what I’m willing to put into it, I only get out of Tarot readings what I’m willing to put into it.  The same goes for my clients.  I can give you a reading, but it only going to be as effective as the time you’re going to put into any actionable suggestions I may make.

What is Sophrosyne?

Sophrosyne is a Greek term for the qualities of moderation, discretion, and prudence.  It manifests as a well-balanced person of excellent character and a sound mind.  The opposite of sophrosyne is hubris or arrogance and excess.

This is a term I aspire to and the Fool’s Journey (the cards of the Major Tarot) illustrates how to achieve this sublime state.

What Kind of Tarot Reader Am I?

I view myself as a Tarot consultant, a person who helps other people by using Tarot cards to access my intuition and communicate that message to you. My clients are equal partners in a reading and you should be willing to take the time to understand what the reading is telling you.

Your reading may be informative; it may just reveal your current situation. It may reveal obstacles or blockages which you can choose whether or not to address. A reading may show a choice and give you an idea of what will happen depending on your choice. In all of these situations, I view my position as messenger, counselor, and coach.

As a messenger, I will deliver the intuitive meaning I see in the cards. As a counselor, I will help you apply that meaning to your question. As a coach, if you choose to use me as such, I can give you specific ways to effect any change in your life that might be indicated by your reading.

We may work together to answer just one question or may develop a counseling relationship over a period of time. If you are interested in long-term change, scheduling regular readings can keep you on track and assist you in your personal growth. Ask me about package deals!

My readings are generally done through email. Follow-ups are generally by email as well, but I can schedule a phone call if necessary. I prefer email because I am a better writer than I am a speaker. Working by email also gives me space to spend time interpreting your reading without feeling rushed.

What I Am Not

I am not a fortune teller. I cannot tell you when you will get married or what your future partner’s name will be. I can tell you what you can work on in your own life to make it more likely for you to attract a partner who is attuned to you.

I can’t tell you how to win the lottery or make a fortune, but we can work together to determine your life purpose so you can find a career in which you will be happy and successful.

I generally won’t do third party readings. These are readings that are not centered on you, but on another person. I won’t answer questions about “does he love me?” or “when will she come back to me?” Those questions are out of your and my control and do not help you at all. I can read the current status of your relationship, which will generally clue you in to your partner’s feelings. If I see that there is a sense of fleeing or dishonesty and you know it isn’t you, it is assumed it is coming from the second person in the relationship.

The ban on third party readings applies to reading for a child (regardless of age) or any other family member. I regard third party readings as a kind of spying, like peeking through a window from outside; unethical and just wrong.


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