The first new moon of January 2021 is here! For the astrologically-minded, this moon is in Capricorn, ruler of stability, structure, and goals. Sounds like an excellent time for some planning!

The symbolism of the New Moon

New Moon

“New Moon over Kielder” by Tony Coates

In Hindu symbology, the time of the new moon is “considered to be a day [of] great power where good and evil is pondered”. Fasting on this day fulfills “one’s dreams and desires”.[cite] In Jewish and Islamic traditions, it starts a new month and is a great time to start new projects, reflect on your goals, and set new goals. This is when I plan out the lunar month ahead.

The lunar cycle, which runs for about 28 days. The full moon, which this month is called the Wolf Moon, falls halfway through the cycle, on the 14th day.

Why use the new moon instead of the start of the month? I find the end of one month/start of another is a busy time for me. Clients in my programming business want to get things finished up, bookkeeping for my business needs to be done, and it just has really frantic energy for me. Usually by the time of the new moon things have calmed down and I focus better. Of course, given enough time, the new moon appears at the start of the month!  At those times I just wait a week and plan for the remaining 21 days of the cycle.

New Moon in Capricorn

With Capricorn symbolizing structure, this is a great time to sit down with your planner and set some goals. There is also a sense of persistence with Capricorn which means to keep trying; if it doesn’t work one way, try another way, but be persistent! This is a marathon, not a sprint, so take the long view – goals set during this time might be realized right away, but you will be moving steadily forward towards them.

New MoonWhat I’ll be doing

I personally plan to sit down for a personal reading this evening with a spread that addresses the fact this is still the beginning of a new year. I’m using a version of Biddy Tarot’s New Moon in Capricorn spread which addresses:

  • What insights did I gain in 2020 pertaining to what I want to achieve in 2021?
  • What parts of my life could benefit from more structure?
  • What do I need to know about my financial goals this year?
  • What goal is most important for me in the next six months?
  • What structure should I implement to achieve that goal?
  • Which grounding practice will work best for me this year?


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