A Tarot reading has two participants – the client and the reader. By learning how to be a good Tarot client you can learn how to get the most out of your readings.

The Right Headspace

PreconceptionsWhether you are getting an in-person reading, a live online reading, or an email reading, it is important to make sure you get in the right headspace for your reading. Readings can deal with emotional issues, but in order to receive your message and understand the advice, you need to take a step back, out of your emotional state. Try meditating or just sitting quietly for a moment. Have a cup of tea or coffee. Listen to some soothing music.

If you having a live tarot reading, whether in-person or virtual, the reader may take a few moments to clear their mind and should advise you to do the same. This is just a way to separate ourselves from previous readings and quiet our minds so we can focus on you and your reading.

The Right Question

If you have a question or topic that you would like a reading on, the reader should assist you in crafting your question. This is a very important part of the process, but can sometimes feel like the reader is being intrusive. Instead, we are trying to identify the real issue at hand so we can address the actual problem and not just one of the symptoms.

For example, let’s say your question is about a recent career change. You are feeling uncertain about your new job and wondering if you should go back to your old one. Our conversation to get to the bottom of the issue might go like this:

Me: How would going back to your old job help you?

You: Well, I know the routines there, they make sense. At this new job nothing makes sense.

Me: Why is it important that everything makes sense for you?

You: I can’t know how well I’m doing from day to day, I’m asking more questions than getting things done.

Me: How does that affect you?

You: I feel overwhelmed and uncertain of my performance.

Me: I’m hearing that you might be feeling challenged beyond your capabilities, is that true?

You: Well, no, I can do the work, I just don’t feel comfortable there.

This conversation can continue until we reach the real issue: You are having a difficult time fitting into the culture of the new company.

From there we can craft a question such as “How can I integrate into my new company?” or “What do I need to know about moving forward at my new company?” or even “How can I feel more comfortable at my new job?”

My readings are mainly via email, but if I feel that the issue is unclear I may schedule a phone call or text message session so we can craft the question quickly.

During the Reading

Follow Up

I like to know how the tarot reading went for you. Did you find it resonated with you, or did it feel off? Did you receive advice that you can act on? Was there something you particularly liked or disliked? Readers want your feedback, but understand that feedback isn’t helpful when the reading gave you insights or advice that you didn’t like. When I see a reading that I feel the client may not like, I advise that the Tarot can be brutally honest sometimes. It does not sugarcoat your own problems and shortcomings.

An example that comes to mind was a person whose spouse had left with the kids. The client wanted to know how to get them to come back, which I advised was unhelpful because it required manipulating the other party. We agreed on the question “What do I need to know about our relationship and where it is going?” The reading was very clear that the marriage was over and there was a great deal of deceit and manipulation going on which was going to lead to conflicts.

The client disliked this result intensely. The feedback was brutal, and I even asked another Tarot professional to look at the spread, she agreed with my interpretation and even said I may have been too nice in my tarot reading. Unfortunately, the client was angry because the reading did not validate their view that the spouse would return to the marriage and they would live happily ever after. During the feedback, I found out that the spouse was actually buying a new house and was seeing someone else!

The lesson from this for you as a client is don’t expect the Tarot to validate you. It will only tell the truth, and the truth can be painful.

I like to follow up with my clients a couple of months out to see how things turned up. I don’t always get responses, but when I do, it is a learning. If your reader does reach out to you after the tarot reading, do give honest feedback about how you used the reading, if it was accurate, and how it affected their life.

Getting the Most Out of Your Tarot Reading

Be in the right headspace; clear your mind and relax.

Make sure you are asking the right question; focus on causes rather than symptoms.

Ask questions before, during, and after the reading.

Know what follow-up questions are allowed.

Follow up and give feedback. We really want to know if we helped you.


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