After a tough few months, I’m getting back into some personal care with the September Tarot Challenge. Today I’m using the Lo Scarabeo Tarot today and it is giving me a kick in the rear!

After centering and focusing I shuffled the deck really well and pulled these three cards: Temperance, Death, and The Fool. OK then.

Temperance - Lo Scarabeo DeckTemperance is about combining things, ideas, people, etc to create something new.  It has the feeling of the “middle way”; like Goldilocks, neither too cold nor too hot. Neither extreme nor completely anarchic. I feel this card a lot today after really overdoing some things yesterday.  Today my body feels poisoned or toxic. 

Death is the card of letting go and it signals that a choice doesn’t exist. The change is here whether I’m ready or not. However, the other side of that change means starting again with an open mind, without the baggage that Death has eliminated.  The Fool is all about stepping out without preconceptions and taking lessons from whatever comes into my path. 

Death - Lo Scarabeo Tarot That path, my new path, needs to be the middle way. I tend to get over-excited about new things. I overpromise myself and, when that excitement dies (as it always does) I then go to the other side – stagnation and following the same old, stagnant paths. I really like how Death is passing by the sword stuck in the ground. It is no longer relevant, the battle is over, it is time to move forward. 

The prompt for today is “What am I asked to reflect on or focus on this month?”  The answer is to take this challenge seriously, but not to exclusion of everything else. Don’t go all OCD on it, but guide my steps along the middle way. The Fool - Lo Scarabeo TarotPhysically this means taking an even approach to my diet. I was upset yesterday and overate to self-soothe. Instead of going the other way and fasting as I am inclined to do, I should just make better food choices today. Financially this means sticking to my budget. Emotionally, when I get wound up, looking at the reality instead of the best/worst that could happen. 

If this draw is any indication, September is going to be a month of growth for me!




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What Clients are Saying about Sophrosyne Tarot

I was advised to ask open-ended questions instead of predictive questions which I thought was helpful because I never would have known if it weren’t for the reader. The reader provided the reading along with some advice too so the entire reading was very thorough and explained in an understandable manner.

Everything said was accurate and helpful for me to identify my flaws in order to grow as a person. I have learned a lot about tarot and what it does to help me.

CD, Malaysia



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