A relationship reading is the most common kind of reading I do. Let’s face it, relationships are hard and we all could use some help. We’ll cover some of the main issues in using Tarot as a guide to improving your relationships.

You Control Your Future…To Some Extent

Tarot readings are all about empowering yourself by seeing what is behind all of the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing. This is important to remember in relationship readings because the future is not set in stone. You have agency, the ability to make changes, to “turn” the cards, and create the outcome you want.


Relationship ReadingYou knew there was going to be a but, right? Relationships involve at least two people, and the other person also has their own agency – their own wants and needs. Unfortunately, those wants and needs may not mesh with yours. You can only control yourself: your own responses, actions, and reactions.

For example, I often have clients come to me with the question “Will my ex come back to me?” This is such a problematic question because it is assuming:

  • your ex is the best romantic partner for you and
  • you are the best romantic partner for your ex.

Additionally, “will my ex come back to me?” ignores whether you will be happy together! You can get back together and be perfectly miserable.

What you really want to know is how to find your true romantic partner or the best relationship for you. Look at another common question, “when will I find my true love?” Can you see the problem with this question? It assumes you have a true love, that you haven’t met them yet if you do have one, and that you are ready for that kind of relationship.

Know Your Path

A Relationship reading works best to show you the stones on which to step as you make your way down your personal pathway. Asking a question like “How can I attract (or manifest) my life partner?” gives you those stepping stones or decision points to guide you where you want to be. The Tarot usually responds fairly clearly. Here are some summaries responses to this exact question:

  • relationship reading and decisionsWiden your social circle and put yourself out there.
  • First, you need to deal with the baggage from your past which is holding you back.
  • You don’t seem to have a sense of your own values and beliefs; work on this first.
  • You already know the person. You can’t wait for them to make the move, you need to step up.

What is great is that the answers this kind of open-ended question provide are usually issues you need to work on for other parts of your life as well! For example, in widening your social circle you might get information about a job you really want, or an introduction to a new client. Taking these steps moves you along your path to your Highest Self, happiness, and fulfillment.

After Your Relationship Reading

My Tarot readings are done by email, and you receive not only the email but a printable PDF to review as you move forward. Sometimes the steps you need to take are clear; widening your social circle is pretty obvious. If you need clarification, please ask the reader for it!

If I do a reading and see that someone is carrying some old baggage, I figure out what kind of baggage; where the baggage is from. Maybe it is from childhood or an old, unhealthy relationship. Your relationship reading should provide you with an idea of what is the most important thing to work on. If it doesn’t, ask!

You might want to do a follow-up reading. Sometimes you’ll have a reading and something totally different comes through. It reminds me of when I was sure I had a cracked tooth, but it turned out to be a sinus infection. Your trouble relating to your partner isn’t a relationship issue at all, but a work/life balance issue, or lack of a creative outlet. It might be appropriate to ask for another reading about this issue.  Note: check with your Tarot consultant – if you book another reading within a week of your first I give a 20% discount.

You Still Have to Do the Work

In the end, you will still have to do the work, take the actions, make the decisions, to get where you want to go. Or, perhaps you prefer not to! Continuing on is absolutely an option and one I understand! Change is scary and disruptive. It stirs up all kinds of emotions and can cause insomnia and other issues. If you aren’t in a good place right now to change, then don’t!  The key is, you have the knowledge. You aren’t just coasting along, you can make the decision to act or not and own that decision. Sometimes that is enough to release whatever is blocking you.






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What Clients are Saying about Sophrosyne Tarot

I was advised to ask open-ended questions instead of predictive questions which I thought was helpful because I never would have known if it weren’t for the reader. The reader provided the reading along with some advice too so the entire reading was very thorough and explained in an understandable manner.

Everything said was accurate and helpful for me to identify my flaws in order to grow as a person. I have learned a lot about tarot and what it does to help me.

CD, Malaysia



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