“You were born to create” is our oracle card of the week from the Messenger Oracle. 

“You were blessed with the ability to create with
thought, intention, action, and emotion. Be
conscious of your power and aware of what your
actions and reactions create within and around
you.  Cherish this gift and use it in both a wise and
productive manner. Create beauty, and inspire a
desire within others to do the same. Create a future
that both fulfills and delights. Do what you were born to do.”

“Be conscious of your power and aware of what your actions and reactions create within and around you.” This part of this week’s care really resonates with me. Like the television commercial where each person’s small act of kindness inspires an act of kindness by the next person, each of our actions and reactions are drops in the communal pond. 

Your actions, your words, and even your thoughts affect and change the world around you. It all matters!

If, at every turn, you face blockages and resistance, look first at yourself. Where are you blocking? Where are you resisting? Creating is the opposite of blocking and resisting. Create opportunities and opportunities will appear for you. Create kindness and you will experience kindness.

What are you working to create this week?

Create Your LifeI’m working on a class “How to Get More From Your Tarot Readings” aimed at people who want to understand Tarot and how they can get the most of Tarot readings they have purchased.  I’m looking for feedback and a prize of free class access including a Tarot reading valued at $100 will be drawn from people who provide me feedback on what they’d like to see in the class. Click here for more details.

Additionally, I’m writing a plugin that will make it simpler to sign up and pay for a Tarot reading. I hope to have the new system up and running by the end of the week!

So what are you working on this week?

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What Clients are Saying about Sophrosyne Tarot

I was advised to ask open-ended questions instead of predictive questions which I thought was helpful because I never would have known if it weren’t for the reader. The reader provided the reading along with some advice too so the entire reading was very thorough and explained in an understandable manner.

Everything said was accurate and helpful for me to identify my flaws in order to grow as a person. I have learned a lot about tarot and what it does to help me.

CD, Malaysia



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