Often in Tarot readings, I tell the client to sit down, make a list, or write down their thoughts. The physical act of writing with pen and paper has a profound effect. It links the brain’s ephemeral thoughts to the physical body creating a pathway to both release and deeper understanding.

Writing Stops Recurring Thoughts

I’m a bit on the OCD spectrum; certain thoughts feel like they hammer in my brain. They won’t stop and invade my sleep, stifle my creativity, and make me miserable. I find that writing down those thoughts releases them. Like toddlers pulling at your pant leg they stop once you pay attention.

If you find yourself obsessing over a thought, be it negative self-talk (you’re stupid, you messed up at that meeting), a daydream that invades your waking life, or that appointment that you really need to make, write it down!  For most thoughts, just the process of seeing it on paper releases it and get it out of your head.

Writing May Release Blocked Emotions

Writing for Blocked EmotionsAs a sufferer of free-floating anxiety, I find writing helps identify the blocked emotions that are the source. If you’ve ever experienced a feeling of dread or impending doom you know this feeling. Sitting down with a notebook and just recording what comes into your head most often uncovers these emotions and you can address them directly, releasing the anxiety.

Set a timer for 10 – 15 minutes and just write. If you can’t think of what to write, just write “I don’t know what to write”! Seriously, force yourself to write down all of the ephemeral thoughts that cross your mind. Eventually, the root of your anxiety will start to manifest. The last time I performed this exercise I found that not knowing what to do next triggers my anxiety. My anxiety disappeared altogether after writing down three simple things to get done.

Writing to Make a Decision

Some decisions are harder than others. Shall I take the new job with its better pay but long hours, or stay with your current, known job and take classes to create a better career path? Do I send my child to school where masks aren’t required? In cases like these where either option has its merits, I find that writing the pros and cons for each choice practically makes the decision for me.

Writing to make a choiceWith this kind of writing, I use one piece of paper for each option, dividing each page into a pro and a con column. In the pro column write down each positive benefit you can think of. In the con column record the negative results.

It helps to be very specific.  For example, that new position might come with a 10% increase in my pay, but how much of it will I really see after taxes and other deductions? It might mean $7,000 more a year, but requires 60+ hours a week of work, is the extra $134.62 a week work those extra hours? If there is a clear career path forward, maybe yes. If the industry or company is relatively unstable (think the service sector) perhaps not.

Integrating Tarot Into the Writing Process

Drawing a Tarot card can help you with any of these tools. I sat down today with no clue as to what I wanted to write. I drew three cards, The Fool, Page of Wands, and Four of Swords. Hmmm, new beginnings, inspiration and discovery, and meditation. Somehow that all coalesced into this post.

Using Tarot in Writing

If you use writing to stop recurring thoughts, try pulling a Tarot card and write about it in relation to the thoughts you are having. When discovering and releasing blocked emotions, use the card(s) to trigger a deeper understanding of the cause of those emotions. While using writing to make a decision, pull a pro and con card for each choice after you’ve finished listing what you know to dig deeper into the emotional aspects of those choices.

Do you use writing as a discovery tool? Tell me about it in the comments!



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What Clients are Saying about Sophrosyne Tarot

I was advised to ask open-ended questions instead of predictive questions which I thought was helpful because I never would have known if it weren’t for the reader. The reader provided the reading along with some advice too so the entire reading was very thorough and explained in an understandable manner.

Everything said was accurate and helpful for me to identify my flaws in order to grow as a person. I have learned a lot about tarot and what it does to help me.

CD, Malaysia



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