The Tarot can give you all the information you need, but its advice is worthless if you fail to take action. A common misconception about Tarot is that it shows you the immutable future; a future that will come true no matter what you do. This is completely false.

If you are a Star Wars fan you might remember Yoda saying “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” The future is created by actions taken by every person in the world as well as natural events such as hurricanes, sunny days, and earthquakes. From moment to moment, the actions of a single person can nudge a stranger’s future, changing it. 

Consider my introduction to my husband. It occurred at a party that I nearly didn’t go to. The previous night a loud neighborhood party kept me up until three in the morning. I was exhausted and grumpy. The party was in a town 30 miles away and I was short on gas money. I dithered about going and finally only went because I’d promised a friend to help set up.  

As it turned out, the man who I married exactly one year later was at the party. Because I took action and followed through on a promise, I met my true partner. 

Taking Action and Tarot

In a Tarot reading having action items is important. Information is nothing without knowing what to do with it. In most spreads, I include a position specifically for taking action.  This might include writing down the pros and cons of the choices before you,  gathering information, or even having a conversation. These actions make the desired outcome more likely or might open up new choices that might not have been obvious.

Taking Action Still Doesn’t Assure Your Future

Taking the actions suggested by the Tarot won’t guarantee your desired result. It will, however, make its outcome more likely. By taking action you have aligned yourself with your purpose and set up things to go your way, but those moving pieces are still in play. You may have the skills for the job, prepped for your interview, researched the company and industry, but may still not get the job. You aligned yourself for the best possible outcome, but maybe someone else was just a smidge better, wore the interviewer’s favorite color, or even had an “in” with the company.  

But here is the thing. You’ll find that by taking action synchronicity will occur. This just happened with a client who did everything suggested for a big interview. That same day, while at a coffee shop going back over her interview, a person saw the name of the company and asked if she worked there. My client explained she had interviewed there and chatted with the stranger, a recruiter in the industry. She ended up getting a better job offer through the recruiter!


During a reading, make sure your Tarot advisor provides you with actual actions to take or things on which to focus. If you are unclear about what to do with a reading, go back to your advisor and ask for clarity. A real Tarot advisor should make sure you have this information and will be more than happy to help you. By taking action you gain the power to create your own future.

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What Clients are Saying about Sophrosyne Tarot

I was advised to ask open-ended questions instead of predictive questions which I thought was helpful because I never would have known if it weren’t for the reader. The reader provided the reading along with some advice too so the entire reading was very thorough and explained in an understandable manner.

Everything said was accurate and helpful for me to identify my flaws in order to grow as a person. I have learned a lot about tarot and what it does to help me.

CD, Malaysia



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