Choice is a daily part of life. We choose what to have for breakfast (or to have nothing at all), what to wear, what route to take to work. Every day we make hundreds of small choices, most of which are unimportant in the larger scale of things. But what about those bigger choices, like accepting a new job, going back to school, or where to go on vacation? These are the choices we agonize over and can change our lives for better or worse. (Yes, even vacations. Ask someone who spent a huge amount of money on a cruise only to spend it sailing from port to port without stopping because of COVID?) Did you realize can use the Tarot to help you understand the consequences of choices like these, making you better informed?

The key to using the Tarot is to understand that the cards are not making the choice for you, nor are they predicting your choice. Instead, Tarot readings give you insight into what you need to consider when making a particular choice. This is an important distinction because many people think Tarot predicts the future, full stop. It does not! The future is fluid because there are so many moving parts, made up of every other person on Earth’s choices, the weather, geology, global pandemics, solar flares, etc.

Understand the Consequences: Vacationing with Friends

Understand the ConsequencesFor example, say you and your partner are planning a vacation with another couple. The question arises, should each couple rent their own condo, or should you share a two-bedroom condo? You ask for a 3-card Tarot reading and I do a “good, the bad, and the conclusion” spread.  The good returns with the Queen of Wands. This suggests sociability, an upbeat attitude, and a good understanding between the parties.  In the next position, the “bad” returns an Ace of Pentacles. This suggests a certain nit-pickiness or concern with money that might start to wear if you can’t escape from each other. The final position, the “conclusion” is the Lovers. This is a card about values, beliefs, open communication, and honesty.

I would tell you that you and your friends share a love of sociability, but there might be issues centered around what activities each couple wants to do, or can afford. Too much time together might create disagreements over small issues. You can turn this around if each person is able to communicate honestly about budget limitations and the expectations and activities they want to do.

Notice the cards aren’t saying that these disagreements or issues are going to arise. They are just warning you that there is a potential for conflict and you need to be aware of it so you can address it during the planning phase. Perhaps you’ll decide to go your own ways for part of each day, meeting back up for cocktails and dinner. Or maybe you’ll decide to go for two condos, but spend most of each day together. Either way, you understand the consequences of vacationing with your friends better.

Making Choices: New Job vs. Old

You receive a call at work from a headhunter who has what sounds like the perfect position for you. You like your current job just fine, but this new one pays more and has a strong career path, which you don’t believe you have at your current position. Additionally, this new position will require a move to a new city. You decide to ask for a reading to better understand the consequences of staying at your current job vs taking the new one.

Understanding ConsequencesFor this type of decision making, where there are two clear choices, I suggest a double reading, one for each choice. I’ll use a 3-card spread for each using the positions of “opportunities”, “challenges”, and “outcome”.

For the new position, I draw the Two of Cups, The Eight of Cups, and the Five of Wands. It seems like this is a good opportunity for a new partnership, but it might not be as fulfilling or challenging as your current position. The outcome seems to suggest discord, and you should dig deeper, perhaps meet your coworkers, visit the city, etc before making a decision to make sure that the belief system and lifestyle is one you will mesh with.

Regarding your current position, I draw the Six of Pentacles, the Knight of Swords, and the Ace of Pentacles. This suggests you may have deep roots where you currently living which might be disrupted if you move. Think about talking to your current company about career advancement and since you seem motivated to move up, maybe use that energy to look around at local options. The outcome suggests there may be a new position within your current company or city that may suit you.

The reading provided you with action items you can do to help you make your decision:

  • Are you willing to leave your family and friends to move to a new city?
  • What duties will the new job really entail on a day-to-day basis?
  • Make a trip to meet with potential bosses, co-workers, and visit the city.
  • Talk to your boss or HR about career opportunities within your own company.
  • Perhaps ask the headhunter to refer you to positions that are local to you.

Now, these are all things you could certainly think of yourself. You don’t necessarily need a Tarot reading to know to look around locally for a new job! However, the hint that the new job may not be all it is cracked up to be is something that is tangible and should be looked at seriously, as is your ability to thrive on your own in a new city.

Using Tarot to Understand Your Choices

These are two real-life situations where a Tarot reading provides the insight you can use to make an informed choice. The next time you need to make a decision, consider a Tarot reading to dive deeper into the consequences of each of your choices. At best it will save you time, money and potentially friendships! At worst you understand the consequences which will better help make your decision.


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