What a difference the choice of card deck makes for Tarot readings! I’ve been working on an online Tarot class where we look at cards from different decks and the feelings I get from each deck are amazing.

The Modern Witch Tarot

For example, my go-to deck is the Modern Witch Tarot. The cards are larger than normal and feature very clear simple imagery based on the Rider-Waite tarot. I like the diversity of race, body shape, and age in this deck and find that this deck tends to be brutally honest and straightforward in Tarot readings. There is no beating around the bush with this deck – the meanings just jump out at me. At right is the Page of Pentacles from this deck. From this card, I get the sense of beginning a new creative endeavor, venturing off the beaten path, and careful examination of details.

Gregory Scott Tarot

Now take a look at the Page of Pentacles from the Gregory Scott Tarot, to the left. This is a deck that hasn’t made it into the rotation for client Tarot readings yet. I’m still getting familiar with its quirks, so I use it for personal readings. In this deck the Page of Pentacles has a sense of poverty, wanting what you don’t have, sneakiness, awareness of surroundings, etc. This Tarot reading would have a different focus than a Tarot reading using the Modern Witch Tarot.


Triple Goddess Tarot

The same card from my second favorite deck, the Triple Goddess Tarot. This deck gives me Tarot readings that are less straightforward, more ambiguous and “softer” in tone. Here the Page of Pentacles is very work-oriented. I see study, attention to detail, apprenticeship, and repetitive practice in this card.

Can you see how a different deck might result in slightly different Tarot readings? There is a different focus to each deck of Tarot cards and part of my job as a Tarot reader is to pick a deck that will pair well with the client’s question and the spread.

When in doubt, I always go back to the Modern Witch Tarot. I’m very familiar with it, it is unambiguous, and I feel Tarot readings with this deck have a lot of clarity and literalness.

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