Three of Cups

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The Three of Cups reversed has appeared for me in every single relationship reading I’ve done in the past three weeks.  These readings were all about manifesting a new relationship and were almost always in an “obstacle” position.

Upright, the Three of Cups is generally about being social, friendships, collaboration, and fun.  Reversed, it has a more internal focus, spending time alone, being anti-social, or partying too much. However, right now it is definitely manifesting as the “COVID Quarantine” card. It turns up as an obstacle to finding new relationships because we have to distance ourselves and be “anti-social”.  Even more interesting, I usually see this card paired with the Knight of Swords, and when it has occurred, I’ve had the intuitive feeling of online dating or online meetings.

Out of the last 8 “new relationship” type of readings, the Three of Cups reversed has shown up 7 times, every single time in an obstacle position. The Knight of Swords has shown up either in the “helper” or “action” position 4 times, 3 times reversed, and once upright.

Out of the Ordinary

This is pretty interesting, considering there are 78 cards in a deck, I currently switch between 2 decks, and shuffle extremely well before and after readings.  The spreads I’ve used have varied, from a three-card spread to a 7-card horseshoe.  All completely different patterns and layouts. The method of picking cards also varies. Sometimes I cut and pick, sometimes spread in a fan and pick intuitively.

Other cards I see quite a bit? The Ten of Swords, especially in action positions, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Tower. All cards of change, sometimes radical change, sometimes change that you need to force yourself to do.

Three of Cups: The COVID card?

Three weeks ago is about when US COVID numbers really started skyrocketing. Looking back at readings before that period, I saw Three of Cups only occasionally, as would be expected. This is a pattern I intend to keep track of and see how it plays out over the remainder of the year.

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