A client and friend has The Light Seer’s Tarot and from the moment I saw it I knew I wanted it!  The box includes a fairly substantial booklet of 184 pages. To see every card you can journey over to LightSeersTarot.com.

The cards themselves are a little thin, with a matte finish. Most of my cards feel a bit thicker so it will be interesting to see how they hold up under heavy use. Oh yeah, this deck is definitely going into my rotation.

The images portray both male and female figures and there is a little tasteful nudity. The symbolism is fairly close to the standard Rider-Waite; enough that it triggers a memory response when the card comes up. The artist uses a modern, casual hippy-vibe that reminds me of Sedona, Arizona lifestyle-wise.



The Light Seer’s Tarot Book

The book includes a lot more information than the usual booklets included with Tarot decks. I’m looking forward to sitting down and going through it. When looking at a new deck there is usually something I know I will struggle with, but this deck is fairly clear. The only suit which is a little different is the suit of Pentacles. A sit-down with some tea and concentration and I’ll work through them in no time.

The Sun

 Light Seer’s Tarot

Each card includes the name of the card written on it in handwriting. As a side note, I like having the cards labeled. The Triple Goddess Tarot is not labeled and sometimes I mix up the Major Arcana cards, though it hasn’t seemed to affect the accuracy of my readings.

The colors in the Light Seer’s Tarot are just gorgeous though! As an example, look at the Sun card! This is the first Sun card that I really feel connected to. I adore the spectrum of colors.

How do I integrate a new deck into my readings? I usually use it to read for myself until I feel comfortable with it. The Light Seer’s  Tarot will be easy to work with. It just remains to be seen what kind of readings it gives!








  1. Rita

    I love this deck! It’s so contemporary, and the artistry really speaks to me. Doesn’t hurt that the deck is small enough to shuffle without difficulty!

    • Diane

      Yes! It is the size of a regular playing card deck, which is nice. I know my Modern Witch deck is too large for my hands to do the casino style shuffle.


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