New Moon Tarot Reading

New Moons periods are a good time to contemplate where you are and decide what is working and what isn’t.  a Tarot Reading specifically for the New Moon will help center you and guide your attention to what you need in your life.

How It Works

Sign up for a New Moon reading using the form below and make your payment.  I will do a 6 card reading that will identify issues you may want to concentrate on, strengths you can tap into, and actions you can take to improve your life and move you on your journey for the next 28 days.

At $50, the New Moon Reading is half the cost of a Tarot Consultation!

New Moon readings are generally best for from 25 days old to 3 days old.  To the right you should see the current moon phase.


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Current Moon Phase

Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon

The moon is currently in Scorpio
The moon is 20 days old

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