About Tarot

Tarot is a system of insight and intuition via a deck of cards.  Each card displays people, symbols, situations, and colors that can be used to trigger intuition in the reader to answer questions.  Traditional Tarot cards use symbology codified by A.E. Waite, illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith, and published by the Rider Company.  Cards that follow this main symbolism are called “Rider-Waite” decks.

Although the Rider-Waite deck was first published in 1909, Tarot cards date back to the mid-15th century where they were used as playing cards.  Playing cards themselves entered Europe from Egypt in the mid 14th century.

Around the mid-18th-century Tarot decks began to be used for divination and at the end of the century Tarot decks specifically made for divination were published by Jean-Baptiste Alliette or “Etteilla”.  Alliette used Egyptian themes in his deck because he believed the cards were “derived from the Book of Thoth” (Wikipedia).

Today Tarot decks usually consist of 78 cards broken into two groups:

  • The Major Arcana, consisting of 22 cards;
  • The Minor Arcana, which are similar to the suits in a regular deck of cards.

Intuitive readings, such as the readings I give, use the cards as a guide rather than blindly referencing written meanings for the cards. By looking at the position of the cards, various symbols in the cards, and basic themes for each card which I have learned from study, I craft a response to your question.

Three of Wands

What Tarot Isn’t

Tarot isn’t a means to predict the future, nor it is used to control people or situations.  Tarot is a tool that helps you look for events and patterns in your past and present to illuminate the choices you have to achieve your goals in the future. 

What Tarot Should Not Be Used For

Tarot is not a replacement for professional advice.  I personally find it unethical to use for legal or medical matters.  Tarot should also not be used for yes/no or date- or time-related questions. 

 How to Get the Most From Your Reading

Your Question

The question is very important.  For the best results, the question should be about one topic and be fairly general.  Very narrow topics are difficult to work with because they often devolve into yes/no or date- or time-related issues.

For example “When will I get a promotion at work” is very narrow.  Perhaps your current employer isn’t right for your career path maybe you are in the wrong field.  Instead, ask a question relating to why you want that promotion.

“What do I need to know or do to receive better pay?”


“How can I move into a position of more responsibility at work?”

These questions will give you a far more insightful response.

Don’t worry!  You can ask you question and before I get started I will help you refine it so that it gets you the kind of response you need!

Ask for Clarification

If you don’t understand something, please ask me to clarify!  I want your reading to be perfectly clear, so asking questions are important!  Remember, however, that the question should apply to the reading itself and not be on another topic.

 For example:

I don’t understand what you mean when you say my career is stalled?


So what career should I look into instead?

The second question would require another reading.

After the Reading

My readings nearly always contain actional items for you, but it is up to you to put in the work.  Depending on what you are interested in I may suggest you do some deep thinking, journaling, or mediation.  You may need to take some direct action, such as talking it out with another person or changing your lifestyle.  What you do with my suggestions is purely in your hands.

For all readings you really need to think about what that reading means to you.  Give it a gut check; does it feel right to you? Does the advice fit with your personal goals? Just keep in mind the Tarot often points out unpleasant truths about ourselves and you may feel uncomfortable or emotional. Don’t let your mind talk yourself out of a truth that you know in your gut is true.  If that is the case in your reading I’d suggest being super honest with yourself.  Ask yourself if you really want that change.  Can you get in an emotional, even physical place to make that change?

And finally, sometimes changes requires you to seek additional help.  You might need a mentor, counseling, or other assistance to really address the issues. While I’m not qualified to give you this kind of support, I can always assist you find the steps, through Tarot, to get to where you want to go.