Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is in retrograde three or four times a year.  This means that it moves in an opposite direction to Earth.  For some people this is a time of frustration, especially pertaining to travel, technology, or communications.  For me it is a reminder to do some deep work, what we call shadow work,  and learn to use that knowledge for self-awareness. 

How It Works

Sign up for a Mercury Retrograde reading using the form below and make your payment.  I will do a 3 card reading that will help you identify a deep truth and use it to transform yourself to live in harmony with that truth.

At $25, it is half the price of a Basic Tarot Reading!

This is the last Mercury Retrograde for 2020.  The Mercury Retrogrades for 2021 are: January 30 – February 20, May 29 – June 22, and September 27 – October 18.

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