Ah, the holiday season. A time of peace, harmony, and fun! Or maybe not? Get a jump on the holidays this year with an early Tarot reading.

Thanksgiving and Gratitude Spread

Family and HolidayUse the Tarot to identify the good you are enjoying right now and advise how you can cultivate gratitude during this season. This is a lovely, grounding spread ideal to use before family gatherings if you’re feeling a little anxious.

This is a 10-card spread that covers everything from relationships to finances.

Price: $100 Special for the holiday season: $70

Holiday Season Spread

This 7-card spread is about the gift of joy. What is the gift you hold within? How can you share your gifts with your family, friends, and the greater community?

Price: $70 Special for the holiday season: $50

 Yule or Christmas Spread

Gift GivingThis 7-card spread looks at the gifts you have as well as the gifts you give. It will help you center the holiday on what is being born into your life.

Price: $70 Special for the holiday season: $50

Intuitive Gift Giving Readings!

Stuck on what to get someone? Want to change things up? With this reading, I will choose one card and give up to five suggestions for a gift based on the card. You can use this to spark your own creativity!

Price: $20

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