Three of WandsHow would you like to learn more about yourself and incorporate the lessons of the Tarot into your daily life? With a Card-a-Day subscription you receive a one card reading every day with a short interpretation to help guide you throughout your day. You’ll receive your card before 7am your time every single day, weekends and holidays included! To start, just sign up below!

The Card-a-Day is more than just the Tarot version of your daily generic horoscope.  It is a single card that is pulled by me just for you with intention. In the reading I will pick out a theme, something to watch for, or identify a lesson you may be offered.  By the end of your first week I can look back and see patterns in your cards which I’ll pass on to you.  Have something special on tap for a day? Just let me know at least 24 hours in advance and I can incorporate that into your reading.

What Can You Do With Your Reading?

I have some clients that use their reading as a journal prompt, spending a few minutes just free writing about the topic or theme it brings to mind. Because you’ll receive an image of the card you can use it as inspiration in creative projects as well.

Other clients use the card as a visualization during meditation, exploring their own conscious and unconscious mind and using the reading as a tool on their path to achieving their best self. I use this myself, putting myself into the image of the card, experiencing the setting and “talking” to any figures present.

If you already work with a therapist, spiritual advisor, or other counselor, Card-a-Day is an additional tool that can add insight to your self-work or spiritual journey.  Please make sure you read my disclaimer, however.  Tarot reading in general, including Card-a-Day, is not a replacement for working with any professional. Instead it can give you insights for working with those professionals.

“You are very intuitive, and I really appreciate getting the reading first thing every morning!” ~ BC

How It Works

You sign up using the form below. After submitting the form you will see a PayPal button to pay for your subscription. You do not need a PayPal account, just click on “Debit or Credit Card”.

Every evening I concentrate on you, channeling your energy and shuffling my cards with the intention that the card will be for the following day.  I then pull a card just for you. If you have a Card-a-Day history with me I review previous cards to see what patterns are emerging, if any.  Then I write up your specialized reading for the day.  Using intuition I’ll tell you if this is a theme for the day, energy that you should be aware of, potential opportunities or challenges, or an issue you should just spend some time thinking about.

You will receive your daily reading by email between midnight and 7am your time, complete with an image of the card for reference. Confused by my reading and need clarification?  Just email me!

A reading like this, done as a one-off by a professional Tarot reader would run $10 – $25 for each reading!  For a month of readings that would be $300 – $750!

Your monthly cost for the Card-a-Day? Just $75!


When will my readings start?

Your readings start once payment and your subscription form are received by me.

What time will I receive my readings?

Between midnight and 7am your time.

Do readings come on weekends and holidays?

Absolutely! You will receive a reading every single day during the month.

I have a life event occurring, can I ask you to focus on that?

Yes!  Just let me know at least 24 hours ahead of time by email to Keep in mind, however, that Card-a-Day is meant as an overview and does not replace a full reading.  I can read the card from the point of view of your issue, but it probably won’t be adequate to answer any big questions.

What is my subscription period?

Your subscription period starts the date you pay and is billed on the same day every month automatically.

How do I stop my subscription?

If you have a PayPal account you can log in and go to this page. You can also search for “My preapproved payments”.  If you need assistance, just contact me at

Can I get a refund?

I do not offer refunds.  If you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, your readings will continue until the end of the cycle.

*Please note that unavoidable situations may arise due to weather, illness, etc.  In such a case I will send the reading as soon as possible or contact you to extend your subscription.

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